Sound Integrity Is Our Passion

Satori Edge offers a unique resource for the recording professional or audio producer. We design pro-audio studios nationwide, source equipment at competitive prices, and integrate the technology, all to bring your dream studio to life. We offer a complete solution for anyone building a new facility or upgrading an existing one. From creating initial drawings to supplying the gear to final installation, the Satori Edge achieves turnkey delivery of your studio project - on time and within budget.

We appreciate classic and vintage analog gear just as much as we stay current with the latest industry trends in digital technology. Our combined experience and expertise help our clients make the right choices. 

Please consult us if you require studio design & integration, or assistance with specifics such as:

  • Acoustic Design
  • Mixing Console Configuration
  • Media Management & Distribution
  • Sound Mitigation
  • Patchbay & Wiring Systems
  • Repair & Maintenance